Design Can Help Us Stay Connected

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

In midst of the global pandemic, what to do if you're a graphic designer? Staying at home, yes. Stretching a lot, yes. Doing Zumba (totally new to this) with your loved one in the living room, yes. Staying in touch with those you love, yes. Cooking + watching Netflix and Disney+, of course. Donating, yes. Designing, hell yeah. At least, these are things that my sweetheart and I do every day together.

Daily Design 1 | Andy Doan Designs | #togehter

It bugs me that I need to figure out a way to do something for someone in times like these. The outbreak has caused many disruptive education and business closures as well as increased the number of unemployment on a global scale. As a result, many people now not only live in panic mode but also lack of support for their own health and families. That is the reality that all of us are facing. I don't have much to support those in need financially but what I have is my design skill. With it and a collaboration with my buddy, Brett Duboff, we will come up with a daily prompt design (one of each) that can hopefully diminish our I'm-freaking-out mode and bring all of us together to get through this strange time (Hmm...! Wonder where is Dr. Strange now? He has the time stone, right?).

“Named must your fear be before banish it you can." –Yoda, a legendary Jedi Master.

We are stronger than we think so let prevent the virus spread and stay healthy for as long as we can banish it under our feet. Know that all this is just temporary and our common goal now is to look forward to days and years ahead being back outside and enjoying the sunshine. Very very soon.

On another positive note, can you imagine how we all will get so fit and strong after all this vanishes? Because we exercise every single day now (our neighbors downstairs probably hate us now due to the noise).

Social distancing but stay connected through design

I hope I can do more to help but I know my limitations. So the idea of having a design that can encourage other people may be a good meditative way to deal with fear and anxiety. Perhaps, this could be a way to stay connected by being socially distant. It is also an approach to doing what we love and strengthening our community.

On my last note for the post, keep on smiling and stay healthy. Below are some helpful links for us to stay well in the mind and in the body:

The body:

Popsugar Fitness – different levels, multiple types of cardio exercise

Planet Fitness Home Work-ins Facebook live stream

Athlean X – more advanced

Youtube Stay Home #WithMe

The mind:

10% Happier – Coronavirus Sanity Guide

Calm – 40% discount

Headspace – "We're here for you" program

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