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Last Days of August

Time flows like an unstoppable river. Though we can enjoy some last euphoric interludes of the warm sun and summer air, August is happy and ready to transition us to the pumpkin season.

August does not seem sad at all. He stays as calm as he can be, as he has been for the other 26 days since his arrival. He gathers his memorable moments in time, cherishes them in his infinite memory library: the breeze flows through the thin, airy heat waves, the leaf shadows dance parties play non-stop days and nights, the early-bird pigeons’ committee meetings in parks and on streets, the flowers with a thousand faces, and the endless fun and fulness of life in the summery atmosphere. All will remain in his heart and soul.

This morning, feeling with August, I, too, take a mental snapshot of this very moment of the resplendent serenity. Thanks, August!

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