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The Fall

The state of our world seems fragile, chaotic, and yet too much uncertain. News spread even more rapidly with the help of social media. Misinformation endows confusion and fuels skeptics for resistance to the truth and science as layers add up on top of one another, no wonder why people’s minds get bombarded overwhelmingly. Even those, who are unflinching, show their unstable and warning signals.

Speaking to my Mom via Viber, she expressed massive concern and unhidden fear in her voice while describing the precarious circumstance in Vietnam where restrictions get tighter for the population daily due to the proliferation of cases. The global pandemic remains portentous. Some parts of the world have the privilege to contain the infection but somehow stubbornly refuse to. Others are dying in lack of a potent antidote (the vaccine). The unbalance is clear to see. How do we keep the dominos not to fall?

Though the pandemic stays the center stage of our conversations, a recent event in the Middle East reminds us of the 70s and echos the phrase- “history is repeating itself”- as the aftermath of the Vietnam War. Those raw images and footage of flying machines and people fleeing are egregious and mind-engraving. It is an imbrue and a panoply of destructive and saddening events in human history.

Are we all falling apart on this blue marble? Do we even deserve a place in this cosmo? Let the afterlife be a more well-designed neighborhood where you can find frozen yogurt at every corner and a second chance to fix that incorrigible behavior that we inflict on ourselves on Earth. So then does a Good Place or Bad Place have a better system than Earth?

Side prayer: My thoughts and heart go to my three soccer buddies for their loss of loved ones this year. Also, to my grandma, RIP.


Prompt: The Fall

Music: The Epic Hero by Keys of Moon

Music promoted on Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

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