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Life is wonderful and... short!

My sweetheart and I just recently finished the last episode of Parks and Recreation, a popular American sitcom (I think it's one of the best modern comedy series). I never thought I could get hooked to the show until a few months ago (and mostly during the quarantined time). Thanks a bunch to my "silly sweet sausage" (my sweetheart) for your fantastic recommendation. I assume most of us know what the show is all about, so say no more. Just similar to real life, when things come to a closing chapter, it's sad to say good-bye and see everyone go. Even though you know for sure that that's super normal, you just wish time could be stopped or your travel-back-in-time machine would work just fine (for a million times when it comes to this end over again).

P & R is a family where we often see a lot of dramas, twists and turns, failures and opportunities, and most importantly love and perspectives. Don't we want that kind of family or workplace that we feel we can be ourselves and have a huge support from one another? Don't we want to contribute to a greater good of a community and lend a hand to our friends when they need it most? Don't we want this to last for as long as it can? For me, I'd say yes to all of those questions because life is wonderful. Well, not wonderful all the time, there are always criticism, failures, hatred, egoistic, and self-doubt. It's just the other side of the coin. But that makes life life. We can't escape from it. We can only embrace, learn, and move on because life is also short. By watching the show, I bet we can see ourselves sometimes as a Ron, other times as a Leslie, and most of the time as a Tom. No matter how you see yourself in any character, that's your reflection and it's not perfect. But that is totally fine because you're here to learn for yourself, help each other out, and yes "Treat Yo'self."

In this strange time, we need each other than ever and I bet you learn a lot from yourself when in quarantine. That's a catalyst for a positive change. So value good times, embrace bad times, think community, and allow yourself to grow in your own unique way.

Now, where do we go from here?

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