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Mistakes are inevitable!

MISTAKES ARE INEVITABLE! What we learn from them to minimize their chance of happening again is crucial. We, as graphic designers, are problem solvers. Solutions are what we seek by thinking of ideas and taking actions. We must know that we cannot avoid mistakes in the design process, but we cannot also afford to go on making them, perhaps on a larger, more significant scale such as using visual language on social issues. Graphic design aside, What do we think about a scenario where a nuclear power station explosion can make a city inhabitable? This historical disaster happened in Chornobyl, city of Ukraine. “The explosion was a result of bad planning and human error. Mistakes,” said Sir David Attenborough, an English broadcaster on nature, in his new Netflix series. How can we solve this climate issue? Yet mistakes are inevitable, but we can act now to pick up all the pieces and save our planet together.

Mistakes are inevitable!

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