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Staying Home is an Adventure

We all should be proud of ourselves for being on this marvelous adventure. It is not like any other ordinary adventures that we know. It demands more quiet time and less physical movements than usual. However, it is an adventure of a lifetime. Perhaps, it is a discovery of your beautiful but complex mind. In the end, we will come out of this experience refreshed and resilient. So hold on tight and let's go on an adventure!

We never know what life would bring, but we always have a choice.
Daily Design 5 | Andy Designs Doan #together

While going onto my daily unusual life, I stumbled upon a podcast, the Happiness Lab, where they talked about how we could shift our thinking to cope with the current crisis. What they suggested doing is to know that we would overcome this hardship and have a great story of our resilience to tell the younger generation. I said to myself "OMG!" because that changed my perspective. We are living in a historical period when the unknown is so big and full of many scary stories. We cannot get away from it. It is on the news, on our daily feeds, in our podcast, online videos, and people's stories. But, we can write our history by sharing sympathy and kindness to the world (really we can do this together). Amazingly so, many people are doing this already. They reach out to their loved ones and neighbors to let everyone know that they're not alone. They donate money to the food banks. They send thank-you notes to healthcare and service workers. They order food from restaurants. They stay at home. They don't take all the hand sanitizers, hand soaps, toilet papers, bread, meats, and more. You want to hear more??? Okay, so just look on the bright side! In short, people are resilient in helping themselves and each other. This amazing adventure is a new way of diving deeply inside each of us to reflect on ourselves and to know that there will be a new beginning of something good at the horizon.

“The struggle ends when that gratitude begins." –Neale Donald Walsch

Let's walk history and make this adventure unforgettable with a strong heart and a mighty soul. To know that gratitude is our armor that shields us from the darkness and lifts us to the light. In this adventure, we shall still keep marching and bouncing back. We shall still harness love to heal and help.

Lastly, we shall still hope.

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