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Yeah Camp is a Vietnam-based summer exchange program organization that provides abroad educational camps for Vietnamese inner-city and countryside students to explore their passion, develop life experience and get connected with other fellow students.

Client: Paula Vo, Co-founder of Yeah Camp

Deliverable(s): Visual Identity and Collateral Marketing Materials

Large Logo

As the company newly establishes itself, the logo mark and brand presence need to be well-designed to capture the attention of the parents and also to connect with the children through the vibrant and contemporary look and feel. The hot air balloon concept carries the meaning of adventures full of magic and hope. It is also not too cartoony to lose its main service. As a result, Yeah Camp's message is to communicate an “empowering, confident, joy, fun, and trustworthy” service—deliver a great educational exchange program for the students and develop a strong client trust with the parents.

Stationary Suite.jpg

Merriweather is a typeface that gives the brand name a sense of trust and professionalism. Its serif look with strong details enhances a promising educational program that will deliver an exceptional service. 


The color palette contains a warm orange that represents a wide range of meanings including joy, happiness, vibrant excitement, enthusiasm, and confidence and a dark blue that carries trust, wisdom, and intelligence. The color blue also represents the sky and the sea, whereas the orange is an optimistic sun.

Falling Business Cards.jpg

To leverage the new brand identity, a set of deliverables needed to establish for a launch in a short amount of time. Before summer 2018, our client received the deliverables in time including a stationery suite, email template, presentation deck, and print flyers (both in English and Vietnamese).

Then, the clients initiated their first camp to Singapore successfully (please see photos below). Since then, Yeah Camp has been building up trust and planning more trips every summer for children who are eager to learn new things and open to new adventures.

Email HF.png
Presentation Slide.png
YC _ Flyer.png
YC .jpg

Photo Credit: Yeah Camp 

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